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Welcome to jim Corbett National Park Online Booking of Jeep Safari, corbett safari booking entry for Corbett National Park. Here you can jim corbett safari booking for Dhikala safari zone, Bijrani zone, Jhirna zone, Durgadevi zone and Landscape safari zone. The expedient and in addition a casual mode to find a region. In the event that voyagers are planning a brave occasions in Himalayan region, the Corbett National Park is the best target and the jeep safari is the best decision. The dubious types of characteristic world can be sought easily. A confirmed and concentrated Environmentalist will likewise caravan with traveler. Loosen up the radiant exquisiteness of the Corbett National Park and discover the thriving of widely varied vegetation through jeep safari


Dhikala Jeep Safari

Dhikala is the greatest safari zone in the corbett national park and you enter this zone by means of Dhangarhi entryway. You need to demonstrate your allow at the passage door and once it is checked then just you are approve to enter the recreation center. When you are through the Dhangarhi door, your corbett safari is on. Just the individuals who have allow to remain medium-term in the recreation center are permitted to take the safari. You can remain for night in the forest rest house from one to three evenings. It takes around coordinated and half hour to achieve woods hold up inside the recreation center. In transit you will experience thick Sal forest, take a gander at Ramganga river and will crosswise over numerous storm doused channels. Visiting by tramp isn't allowed in Dhikala amid day time. Anyway, you can go into this region by a Canter which takes in 16 visitors and starts off from Ramnagar toward the start of the day and returns to base toward the night. This visit is called a Ramganga coordinated visit and is permitted by the Corbett Tiger Reserve.

Bijrani Jeep Safari

Bijrani visitor zone in Corbett national park is the primary decision among day vacationers. Its Entry gate is at Aamdanda which is around 2 km. far from Ramnagar. In the wake of entering through Aamdanda entry gate, you cross around 5 km. of support zone before coming to Bijrani and wilderness safari begins starting here.

Bijrani is an excellent zone and is known for its immense fields, profound forest, stormy ways, and untamed life. To visit this region, authorization is conduct by the Director, Corbett Tiger Reserve. only 30 vehicles are allowed to go into the Bijrani zone in the morning shift and the same number of vehicles is allowed at evening shift. For morning safari advance booking is required and for evening safari, grants are given on first started things out serve basis. Bijrani has a tiger reserve which has seven rooms and a lodge comprising of four beds. You can likewise take an elephant safari here.



Jhirna Jeep Safari

Jhirna safari zone in Corbett national park is established at 16 km. from Ramnagar. You need to get the allow issued by the Corbett Tiger Reserve before you continue to Jhirna. This zone is brimming with normal magnificence and extraordinarily known for its wild bear which abruptly shows up from not even close to your vehicle. 30 vehicles are allowed to get into this region toward the beginning of the day and the same number is allowed at evening. & For morning trips, day visit allow is discharged ahead of time which becomes effective for six days before the real day of the trek. For night trips, first started things out serve premises is pursued. This is the preferred visitor zone in Corbett National Park which is open for every one of the year. it's obligatory to take a guide along. Jhirna has a tiger reserve which has two rooms. You can remain the night here and go for an elephant safari toward the beginning of the day.

Durgadevi Jeep Safari

Durgadevi safari zone in Corbett national park is distant from Ramnagar at 28 km. This zone is a dense zone and is arranged along the banks of Ramganga River. Other than taking a gander at natural life, you can likewise take a gander at the prevalent Mahasheer angle in the river. On your way, you can end at Dhangarhi historical place. For the day visit, similar standards are appropriate here as those for Bijrani and Jhirna.

Dhela Jeep Safari

Dhela Zone includes into Corbett Tiger Reserve zone November 2014. it's 6th eco-zone of Jim Corbett and turn out to be completely practical for sightseers to appreciate jeep safari. This is the main zone in the save cradle zone open to visitors in C.T.R. Aside from Dhela other safari zones of Corbett Tiger Reserve are Bijrani, Jhirna, Durgadevi, Sonanadi, and Dhikala. All are arranged in the center territory of Corbett National Park and opens 15 October to 15 June consistently. Dhela zone will open round of the year with the exception of the rainy days. Corbett Tiger Reserve is wanting to make two nature trails to stroll inside the forest. each will be around 15 Kms long. It will be an extraordinary entry gate for the untamed life experience devotee and picture takers to stroll inside the forest and feel a natural life deeply... Dhela zone is popular for its rich widely varied vegetation. It has a dense forest, for example, Saal, Rohini, Bahera, Haldu, Jamun, Kusum and so forth. The principle wild animals of this zone are Tiger, Leopard, Asiatic Elephant, and Sloth Bears, Barking Deer, Chital Deer, Sambhar Deer, Wild Boar, Langoor and numerous others. In excess of 10 types of reptiles and around 400 types of birds are found inside this zone.

Wildlife Safari at Dhela Zone: For visitors, open jeep safari is the single choice to visit Dhela zone. Corbett Tiger Reserve gives permits to visit this zone. Jeep safari timings are 6:30 Am. in morning and 2:30 pm toward the evening. Amid summer visiting timing shifts 30 minutes prior. Just 10 jeeps are allowed to enter inside this CTR zone.

Landscape Jeep Safari

landscape safari zone, recently known as Sitabani, it's under Pawalgarh conservation reserve forest save. In Landscape, there is only 50 vehicles are allowed to go into this zone in the morning shift and the same number of vehicles is allowed at the evening shift. It's a well-known zone for birds viewing. This is the main forest in Corbett where we can stroll inside the forest. The scene is known for a sanctuary and stream. We can take some rest in the stream bank and see the reptiles. Morning and evening is the planning of safaris. At the point when every one of the zones of C.T.R is full then we pick this zone for safaris. for Corbett national park experts. Scene forest department issues the permit for this safari. Beautiful perspective of this piece of the jungle calls numerous sightseers over and over.

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